Rivet takes privacy and security seriously.

Rivet is part of Area 120, a workshop for Google's experimental products.

User privacy and data protection is our top priority. The app collects the minimum amount of data necessary to operate: basic information about your Google account, your device, your children’s profiles and activity, and your children’s voice capture to provide search and reading help.

Terms & Consent

These terms apply in addition to the Google Privacy policies.

Information we collect

To respect your privacy, Rivet collects the minimum amount of data necessary to operate:

  • Your basic Google account information, such as email address
  • Device information
  • App information and activity
  • Children’s basic profile that you may create with basic information such as name or age
  • Children’s activity and statistics for the books they engage with
  • Voice capture if your child uses certain features. Voice information is immediately converted to text and discarded, and the converted text is used to support search and reading help. For example, if your child taps on the microphone icon, a recording of the following speech/audio will be temporarily collected and converted to text to support Rivet’s assistive features for reading. A few seconds after being processed, any voice recording is deleted from the device and (if applicable) from our servers.
More details

Rivet collects information based on your children's use of the app, like when they read a book. This information includes:

  • device information, such as hardware model, operating system version;
  • log information, including details of how our service is used, device event information, and the device's Internet protocol (IP) address;
  • unique application numbers, such as application version number; and such as preferred language, reading history, and other settings;
  • basic analytics about how the app is used: time spent, books or pages read, reading help used.

Why and How we use the information

Rivet collects this information to provide a safe and personalized reading experience for your children and improve our service over time:

  • we authenticate which Google account is using the app
  • we store preferences and provide recommendations
  • we help your children to search for and read the books they enjoy
  • we give you control over your children’s profiles and activity
  • we protect our service from spam or other malicious actors
More details

Rivet operates as a signed-in service. This means that you need to use your Google account and we don't allow your child to sign in with their own account. The app will collect your basic Google Account information, such as email address and name, and, where available, will collect information associated with parental controls as well as customization and reading preferences that you may have enabled in the app.

We use the information we collect for internal operational purposes such as for spam and abuse prevention and enforcing our content license restrictions, determining preferred language and providing and improving the service.

Rivet does not use the collected information about your children for advertising purposes.

Rivet does not allow your children to share personal information with third parties or make it publicly available.

Your Controls

Rivet gives you transparency and control over the data we collect. You may perform any of the following actions:

  • view your children’s activity, unless previously deleted
  • delete any child profile and activity
  • delete your account and all associated data, including your children’s profiles
More details

You can access the books your children have recently read in the ‘Activity’ sections of the app. You clear the reading history in the parental settings section of the app. If you've created multiple profiles for your children, you will be able to clear reading history for each child separately. When reading history is cleared, the app resets ‘Recommended’ and ‘History’ books. Finally, you can always uninstall and reinstall the app on a device to reset the app-specific identifiers used to collect reading and search history, but if you have created children's profiles, reading and search history will remain linked to each profile until you specifically delete the history.

You can delete your Rivet account by following the prompts in the parental settings section of the app. This will remove all associated data including your children’s profiles and activity. You can also change or delete the parental controls, customization and viewing preferences that are associated with your Google account at any time by using the in-product tools we provide.


By clicking on the “I Consent” button in the app, you acknowledge that you have received notice from Google regarding the information collection, use, and disclosure practices connected with your children's use of Rivet when you sign into it. Moreover, you consent to Google associating the data described above with information from your Google Account for the purposes set forth above, and in all cases subject to the Google Privacy Policy. Finally you consent to using your Google account to verify your identity in order to provide notice and obtain any consent necessary for features and functionalities we introduce in the future. You may revoke your consent at any time by deleting your Rivet account by following the prompts in the settings section of the app.

Dated: May 10, 2019