Better reading practice, available to all

With over 2,000 FREE leveled books for kids in K-2, quality
reading practice has never been easier.

Reading support on every page

Word help eases the frustration of reading alone.

Engaging, kid-friendly interface

Delightful features encourage and reward practice.

Favorite Features

Leveled Library

2,000+ free, leveled books make it easy for readers to find content they love.

Word Help

Kids can practice with confidence knowing help is always available.

Read along

Have Rivet read books out loud for your kids.


Kids choose their favorite avatar, sounds and skins.

Ratings and Reviews

Readers are encouraged to reflect at the end of every book.

Word Translation

Get translations for a second language.

For Educators

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“Rivet gives access to children at the earliest stages of reading and treats them like real readers. It is such a helpful resource for parents looking to help their children read more and become more independent.”
Gravity Goldberg | Author & Literary Consultant

“My kids were literally begging to read more! The suggested books section at the end kept them reading.”
Parent of a 5 year old

Partner with Us

Educators, we invite you to partner with us to help make better reading practice available to all of your students. Here's how you can get involved:

  • Contact us for information on our school partnership program to help shape the future of our product.
  • Share our flyer with parents and students.


Rivet is a new, experimental reading app and library of content designed for families with readers in Kindergarten through 2nd grade.
Rivet is free! The app and the books in the app are completely free to use. Offering a wide variety of free reading content is core to our mission of improving reading practice for early readers.
Rivet is currently in beta, which means we're still actively developing the app, testing new features and rapidly changing the product to make it better. We've released the app in beta to gather feedback and iterate quickly. This means that you'll see new features and improvements in performance and stability with each update.
Rivet is built by a small team from Area 120 — a workshop for experimental products. Our mission is better independent reading practice for early readers.
Currently, Rivet offers English language books for readers in the US, Canada, India, Australia and New Zealand.
Rivet is supported on mobile phones, tablets and Chromebooks. Devices must be running either Android 5.0 or iOS 9.0 or higher.
Not currently. Rivet should be installed on a parent's device and a parent should log in with their Google account. You may set up individual profiles within Rivet for each child in your family. Support for Family Link and G Suite for Education accounts is coming soon - stay tuned!
Yes. Protecting user data, and especially data from children, is core to our mission. We closely follow COPPA best practices according to the FTC. For this reason, we require parental consent before granting access to our app.
To respect your privacy, Rivet collects the minimum amount of data necessary to operate: basic information about your Google account (if signed-in), your device, your children's profile and activity (if signed-in), and your children's voice capture to provide search and reading help.
No, the data collected is only used to help us provide children with a better reading experience in the app.
You can email us at

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