About Rivet
Rivet originated in the spring of 2017 by two machine learning engineers who thought Google’s artificial intelligence capabilities could break down barriers to literacy. Created as part of Area 120 by Google, Rivet's mission is to solve some of the primary obstacles to good reading practice - access to books, access to high quality feedback, and most importantly, enthusiasm for reading. It takes patience and motivation to unlock the power of reading; the abundance of apps, games, and media competing for each child’s attention can make it a challenge to invest the required time and effort. Rivet uses those same technologies to get kids excited about reading.
The Rivet Team
We’re a small team united by a passion for solving big problems in education. Using cutting-edge machine learning, natural language processing, and speech technology, we want to give every child the books, feedback, and encouragement necessary to master reading.
Kristie Seymore
General Manager
Ben Turtel
Head of Tech and Product
Moline Dastrup
Content Lead
Danny Franklin
Charles Ganansia
Erika Lehmkuhl
UX Designer
Sara Waters
Stef Codjia
Technical Program Manager
Ari Sharon
Joe Caceres Monie
Alina Politzer
Education Partnerships
Rivet Advisers
Rich Miner
Android Co-Founder and GV Adviser
Gravity Goldberg
Literacy Consultant